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For the time being, the way I feel about this right now, I think this might be a challenging post to write. Out of the hat, if you will, I selected the theme of hobbies for this post.

But lately, in fact for a few months at least, I have not had the time to spend doing the things that I love doing, particularly creative things that don’t require me to sit in front of my laptop. So, I’ve lost quite a bit of my train of thought in lieu of my hobbies.

Best friends taking selfie at aeroclub with ultra light airplane - Alternative way of travel to exclusive destinations - Vintage color tones

Where hobbies are concerned, this would be a dream. Well, it’s already a dream. I dream about it already. And that’s as far as this potentially life-enriching and rewarding hobby goes for now. It’s just a pipe dream. But they are still saying that dreams do come true. I agree. I believe in dreams and to this day I am still dreaming in a small world of daily lived realities. How does that song go again?
Sweet dreams are made of these.