About My Site

Hello ladies!
I’m excited to be addressing you for the first time on my blog and website. The blog and all the posts you’re about to read are of a personal nature. It shares the ups and downs of a typical Westernized woman with no less than four different cultures and heritages running through her veins. Like many of you, I’m a professional woman but also have my fair share of problems which also seem to be the ongoing and common abode of most women around the world, no matter what their culture, heritage, political affiliations or religion.

Since most introductions and the following conversations begin with an account of what you do for a living, I may as well tell you what I do. I earn my keep as a copywriter. At the moment, I’m working for an international agency based in California. But let me tell you something about this business and the weird and wonderful world we live in. For one thing, while I may have dreamt about going there, I’ve never been to LA in my entire life. So, how then, do we work?

Welcome to the world of online digital technology!
Most of my assignments are provided to me in writing. The brief is usually easy for me to follow and so I set off to work to meet my scheduled deadline. Sometimes, but rarely so and usually during emergencies when last-minute deadlines have sprung up, I have a conference call with my creative director’s supervisor with some input from the content manager on how to tailor my own online presentations, all in writing, of course. I’ve said enough about my work.

What many of you would like to know is what this blog is all about. Well, I did mention earlier that the nature of the site’s content is personal. But it’s nothing too deep that will chase frightened readers away. The content you are about to read should also leave you with some rewarding clues on how it informs my work. Apart from having practiced well over the years and with the benefit of a good post grad program, what happens around me, what interests me the most, and how well I am able to respond to it, informs my work.

In fact, it was one of my copyeditors who suggested to me that I write about everyday life and such things that interest me the most. So, everyday life then, you could say, is a main theme for this blog. But there are other interests that I wouldn’t mind having a chat with you about. Let me begin that conversation by listing some of my featured interests which will be juxtaposed with my own musings on days past and present. Perhaps there will even be a note on what the future holds for us. But it’s too early to tell whether I’ll get that far. Anyway, here’s my list of likely topics.

Movies, TV and Entertainment

  • Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Blogging
  • Health and Fitness
  • Socializing and Friendship
  • Cities and Travels
  • Shopping-wise

Now, if I happen to stray from any of these themes, you are more than welcome to send me a note. This should work well for you if you happen to be interested in a particular topic. But most of you will agree that where this type of personal blog is concerned, staying with the main theme, flexibility and freedom should be allowed for both the writer and her readers. For instance, no-one is suggesting that you should religiously follow my musings on culture in my everyday life.

Many of you might be more interested in a bit of gossiping on the ways of the Hollywood world. But for those that are, be prepared for a surprise and expect something quite different from what you’ve become accustomed to reading up to now. Habits of life are part and parcel of everyday life. I’ll be talking about some of my own habits. Whether they are going to be good or bad at this point, I cannot say. You see, even I don’t know what’s going to be happening later on.

Let me close this About page with a little explanation on my style of writing and posting. Basically, I go with the flow. It depends on moods. Sometimes I feel full of life and may want to write without ever stopping to come up for breath. On other days, I may have been served up more than enough that I can handle in one single serving on my plate. So, you can expect a mixture of both short and long posts. You’ll notice a little uniformity with this, so you’ll also know that I’m still maintaining some control over my thought processes.

While I’m a blogger by heart, remember that I’m still a copywriter by trade. By habit, there you go, talking about habits; I need to experiment with my words. But do not for one moment think that I’m using you as my test subjects. I’d never take advantage of you that way. I like you too much already. Thanks for visiting my site, by the way. I’m sure that most of the time you’ll end up having a good read. Don’t forget to leave comments in the field provided and tell me and my manager what you think of the content so far.