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All we wish to do for you at this point in time is motivate you to take full advantage of juicing. But your good doctor, health-oriented nutritionist, and even the great Jack Lalane, will be casting doubts as to whether you really should be going on a thirty day juice fast. While we also recommend that you should consult fully with the experts beforehand, our job for the day is just about done when we merely mention at least two of the great benefits of a 30 day juice fast. After that, it is your duty to exercise full responsibility where your optimal health is concerned. Good luck with that.

The Juicing Basics

In order to appreciate the great benefits of fasting on juice, should you decide to do this, and have been cleared by your doctor to attempt a fast, you do need to understand what you are in for. During a thirty day juice fast, you are limiting your body to just fruit, vegetables and water. In the healthiest sense, these ingredients will be wholly organic and will always be processed through a blender or juicer. The general practice is to always mix fruits and vegetables together to make up an effective drink that will contain most essential minerals and vitamins. A typical fruit and vegetable juice blend will (and should) include apples, lemons, and oranges with celery, kale, beetroot and spinach.

The most popular juicing benefit

The issue that concerns most people who venture into the misunderstand world of fasting on juice is that of losing weight. Those with weight loss concerns or aims will be pleased to know that juice fasting will, indeed, cause them to lose weight. Calorie intake is being limited. But when weight is lost in this fashion, water and muscle, and not the excess fat, will be lost. Expert opinion is to limit weight loss to one to two pounds per week in order to lose fat and subsequently keep it off.

Getting into the cleansing spirit

Another significant benefit in regard to going on a juice fast, but also still clearly misunderstood and under-appreciated, is the matter of body detoxification (popularly known as body detox). Essentially, when you restrict your body just to juice, you are cleansing it of harmful toxins. But because your body’s kidneys and livers are already doing its own detoxifying, experts say that it really isn’t necessary to embark on a juice fast of this magnitude. They also say that a healthy, balanced diet, high in essential fiber and low in fat, is a better way to improve health and ensure that the human body maintains it both physically and emotionally.

Always read the warning labels

You are in for the hiding of your life if you attempt a thirty day juice fast without heeding the warning signs or fully consulting with your medical practitioner beforehand.  Apart from the obvious deficiencies – not killing off the excess fat, but losing important nutrients and muscle instead – and depending on your state of health, you could well experience negative symptoms when embarking on a thirty day fast. These symptoms could start manifesting itself within the first week of fasting. Such symptoms include spells of dizziness, stomach cramps, decreased energy levels and even fainting. Simply put, you have been warned.

But drinking fresh juice every day, for thirty days non-stop still has its benefits. That is to say only if you are already on a healthy eating plan which contains your essential solids, including protein.

Finally, the greatest benefit that can be derived from going on a juice fast, not necessarily a thirty day fast, but more sensibly, say, a three day fast, is that you will indeed cleanse your body of its toxins. You will also, without a doubt, be losing weight. But the conundrum remains; those who really need to lose weight, those that are acutely overweight and carrying excess levels of fat (and other harmful toxins) are clearly in a state of poor health. So the question needs to always be asked; is it safe or sensible for them to be going on a thirty day (or more) juicing fast.

The answer is, of course; no, it is not a healthy idea to go on a thirty day juice fast if you are already heavily overweight and obese. Also, effective weight loss remedies don’t just include a healthy, balanced diet, but exercise as well. So, just imagine trying to fast on juice for thirty days while exercising. Surely, your poor heart won’t hold up well to that. But the fact remains, there have been those unique individuals who have attempted a thirty day juice fast and won the battle of the bulge. For now though, our debate on this contentious health issue rages on.


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Have some heart and try to have a bit more courage about you. That’s all I want to say to you if you are feeling quite a bit down at this time of the day. Feeling down and downright distressed, something inside of you must have prompted you to this page. The human condition is a mysterious one indeed. Sometimes the one hand does not always know what the other is doing. That sentiment is a bit on the subjective side but I am sure you get the basic point. It is not always easy to discern the subconscious and it can be quite distressing when the human body and mind is going through some nastily challenging difficulties.

So after that horrid introduction, let me once more put my arm around you by gently calling on you to start relaxing now. Begin by taking a deep breath. Think positive thoughts. Yes, it is difficult right now, I know, but do try your best. Come on now, just one thought. There you go. That was not at difficult now was it? Something must have happened inside of you to lead you to this page on health and wellness motivationsPerhaps that’s what your body and mind needs right now. By the sound of things it does sound as though it has a yearning internal desire to break out free and explore a new garden path.

It is seeking a new path towards happiness. It is seeking to be well. A new angle towards that journey begins right here. This is a short series of personal notes on health and wellness designed specifically for up-liftment. It is designed to help others empower themselves to make positive changes in their lives, no matter what their circumstances. As a form of giving a pep-talk, sometimes the notes may veer off a little onto the personal side, in which case I may be chatting to you by relating some of my own personal experiences.

I am not sure yet if that will happen. Let’s just see how our motivations here unfold. Directly speaking, I am in the process of encouraging you to get a grip with your gloom and believe that it is now necessary for you to make those changes to lift yourself out of those personal crises, one after the other. Say enough is enough. No more. Time for change. Change is always good. It’s exciting and never scary. That’s what it feels like to be positive. You see, even I’m going through some personal difficulties right now.

But what is keeping me going right now are my thoughts on my up and coming silver linings. I know it’s there, sometimes we don’t even know what it is. Usually what happens is that something good that you only ever dreamed of lands in your lap so unexpectedly. You were not even planning it. The thing about making plans is quite interesting. Many people go through life without any preconceived plan or any notion of where they would like to be within the next five years. They shrug their shoulders and say; it’s not in my hands and there’s nothing I can do.

Only a very small part of that short spurt of negativity is true. The world is a big place and the bad things that go on in it are far too overwhelming for most of us to deal with in any event. But here on planet you, there is much you can do. You can go with a plan to make improvements to your own personal life. That plan, in order to be a successfully carried out one, should be all-encompassing of your life. Two important fundamentals of that plan will be a considerable focus on all the personal health issues in your life that need to be addressed and a philosophic but heartwarming and highly motivating focus on the entire ethos of wellness.


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Hello again. I hope you enjoyed my last article on laying the foundations for getting you on to the path of wellness. I expended a few lines on the concept of wellness. I hope that it is starting to make sense to you now. By now, I do hope that I’ve managed to get your juices flowing in regard to starting to make those necessary changes in your life. One thing that does need to be looked at is your daily eating habits.

So, I thought I’d spend a little time talking to you about juicing and healthy eating. Yes, I have added juicing deliberately. I’ll explain why I think it is well worth considering and what it all means in the simplest and briefest possible terms. To my mind, juicing now becomes part and parcel of creating a healthy, balanced eating plan, subject to change, of course, for the rest of your natural life.

Do you remember the heading from the previous article? Its main thrust was about seeking and creating balance in your life on the path towards wellness. That same matter of balance is importantly applied to creating a diet that is not just extremely healthy for you but compliments it wholesomely as well. And while you focus some attention on achieving a splendid variety of color on your dinner plate through no more than five different vegetables that are all nutritious and highly invaluable to your health, you have the awesome opportunity to play around with even more extremely beneficial ingredients for your up and coming juicing recipes.

Balance forms a very important part of my health and wellness motivations towards you. Meals, always healthy, need to be balanced at all times. Your exercise requirements should be balanced too. This is essential to ensure that each and every muscle group in your body gets its turn to enjoy a good workout. I have to be honest with you though. My work/life balance still needs addressing. This is critical for you too. In order to achieve complete wellness, it is essential to find new ways of lessening the work load. It is sad to say that why we still keep pushing ourselves to the limit is still all over money.

It would have to be a subject for another occasion. Nevertheless you may find this interesting about the way in which my current flow of work ebbs out. Sometimes it feels as though it has been a really long day at the office for me, so to speak. But what has really happened is that I have broken down my work day into manageable chunks. I will work a morning shift and when that is done; my midday break will be a lot longer than the average Joe or Jill’s. This does not mean that I am doing nothing. Of course I am setting my mind to other things.

Then to an afternoon shift I must go. This is my longest shift because it seems as though my body clock is at its active best during the afternoons. After another longer than usual break, I am ready for a fairly short evening shift. In my line of work there are always deadlines but I try not to panic about it and take it all in my stride.

Let me close this happy article on a serious note. This is why many people should take seriously the exercise of seeking to be well in their lives. One lady told me just how tired she was. I told her that it was a good thing. She was at least busy. But we feel for those who are truly exhausted after not having done anything of much use in their day.

Change is now, handwriting with chalk on blackboard

Hello. I hope you enjoyed my last article. It served as a brief introduction to set you on the path towards wellness. It did start off rather gloomily but that was deliberate. It ended off on an encouraging note, didn’t it? All I set out to do was to put my arm around your shoulder, and I did that, and tell you that from here on, no matter how bad it was before, life just gets better. I used to shudder to say it to myself sometimes but it really is all about what you make of it on your own sometimes.

But sometimes as it is in life, we all need a helping hand. That’s where I come in. If you are one of those who need a shot in the arm to re-evaluate your life and change the things in your life that are causing you some consternation and even keeping you awake at night sometimes, then I’m here to give you some encouragement on how balanced healthy lifestyle plans will help you. There are two important words in that last statement.  In order for you to be truly happy in life, you also need to be healthy. To get you on that path, you need to look for balance in your life.

It is about connecting the dots and then taking it from there. Whatever is not working needs to be discarded. Invariably, as you may have already experienced, a lot of that which needs to be pitched out is wholly unhealthy. There is also too much going on in your life right now. You need to re-evaluate things and people. Throw out the things that you really don’t need. Stop doing those things that are not bringing you any joy right now. And, this is serious, you need to start distancing yourself from those who project or impose themselves over you in negative ways.

In order for me to be successful in my own health and wellness motivations towards my readers, I think it would help if I gave you all just a brief explanation on what wellness entails. While I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the concept, I would like to encourage you to extend your own reading and research a little further on this wholesome and highly encouraging subject. I say that it is so because just based on the little that I have read, it is all quite positive. Wellness, to me, means seeking out only the positive in life.

And while you do that, you are getting rid of all the negatives. One ancient eastern philosophy has been subjectively termed finding and then going on to experience the yin and yang of life. It brings to mind that wonderfully structured loading of finding balance in one’s life. Retailers are obliged by law in many instances, but in most cases by moral obligation, to treat their customers fairly. I bring this towards my belief on what it means to experience wellness in my own personal life. It means that I treat myself fairly.

I get rid of those heavy weights that I was not able to carry on my shoulders before. And I treat others fairly too. While I write this note, I am treating you fairly. I do not judge you or even wish to know what brought you to this point in wanting to make positive changes to your life. Finally, let me round off my personal statement on what it means to be well. To be well should obviously mean that you are going to be happy in life. To get to that point you still need to address your health requirements and also enlighten yourself on your spiritual side.

Wellness is a growth path. It is always subject to change, but in a positive manner of speaking. The realm of wellness in this material world alone is so large that we will all spend a lifetime committing ourselves to it and searching for new ways to improve our personal, spiritual and physical lives. If you don’t mind me saying so, that’s quite encouraging. Look forward to your life.

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Doesn’t your tummy start to rumble when we start to talk about food? I know, mine does. It cannot be helped and just so you know, thoughtful preoccupations on what to eat next are really quite natural and healthy for you for starters. In order to live and lead a wholesome, healthy and happy life, we all need wholesome and happy food. So, I hope you enjoyed the manner in which I shared my own thoughts on healthy food and drink. It is my little contribution towards giving you more food for thought as you go on your way making new changes to your life which is eventually going to see you experience new sensations of all-round wellbeing.

To get your mouth watering a little bit more on what you can look forward to where wellness is concerned, let me share some more of my own thoughts on it while also dishing up some of my life’s experiences so far. I have left the past behind, so I will be starting off on how I first felt around the time I began to embrace the prospects of being well. I cannot say that I had an easy life. Today, my life is no less challenging than it was before, only now it’s just that I’m managing it far better than I used to.

I’ve begun to spend more time with myself. Every little bit of peace I have in my daily life and in my mind, I cherish as if it were my last moment of bliss. Tonight is just such an occasion, which is why I am enjoying composing this article more, so much more than the others that went before. What got me into such a good mood was companionship. I deliberately surrounded myself with good people. We did not talk about anything serious, just trivial little bits and pieces, such as what we’ve been watching on the telly lately and what good books we have been reading lately.

We talk about the weather too, of course. It is always a typically nice icebreaker when one is initially so short of words. What made our conversation pieces all the more delightful was the good food presented to us. For once, I had the evening off and it was not me that was doing the cooking. After a short word of thanks, we all tucked into our meal of very mild curried mince, served with yellow rice, green squash, cauliflower and the tiniest of salads, dressed with a very light coating of balsamic vinegar.

Our dessert was one of the healthiest servings of fruit you could ever imagine. It was a generous serving of diced watermelon, pips and all and without any yogurt or ice-cream. It really was quite delicious to feast on a fruit rich in antioxidants and with such a huge content of water. So unusual that. A short garden trip allowed this wholesome meal to settle, and so it was off to home I went. And so here I am. There were very few feelings of nervousness about this day that has just gone past, and now the same sense of calmness is addressing what will likely be another busy day tomorrow.

Busy the day may be tomorrow, but at least it is all nicely balanced out. Although I must admit that I am doing everything in my power to make it so. While I am writing this article for you, I am putting in just a little more effort to complete an overdue assignment so that it does not need to be tackled first thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, after a hearty breakfast of oats and strawberries and my favorite orange and apple juice, I will go for a short walk. After that a soothing shower refreshes me for my first shift at my desk.

By the time that shift is completed, it is time for some chores around the house then it is off to town for some grocery shopping. The list has been made up, so there is no risk of me overspending. I must just say though that it is such a pity that all good food that is good for us is so expensive these days. We spoke about this earlier during the evening meal. We are still debating what can be done about this. But, each in his and her own small way has already made a start towards making a difference. It does feel as though the path towards an entirely organic lifestyle is so very much intermingled with the growth path towards complete wellness.

Wellness encompasses everything on this earth that is good for us. It is in the daily food that we eat and it is in the way we keep ourselves occupied each day. If it feels as though I have been frightfully busy, I do not complain about the load but feel a sense of gratitude. Wellness is also a spiritual matter which I hope I will have the opportunity of addressing with you in the near future. Until then, be well.