Hello. I hope you enjoyed my last article. It served as a brief introduction to set you on the path towards wellness. It did start off rather gloomily but that was deliberate. It ended off on an encouraging note, didn’t it? All I set out to do was to put my arm around your shoulder, and I did that, and tell you that from here on, no matter how bad it was before, life just gets better. I used to shudder to say it to myself sometimes but it really is all about what you make of it on your own sometimes.

But sometimes as it is in life, we all need a helping hand. That’s where I come in. If you are one of those who need a shot in the arm to re-evaluate your life and change the things in your life that are causing you some consternation and even keeping you awake at night sometimes, then I’m here to give you some encouragement on how balanced healthy lifestyle plans will help you. There are two important words in that last statement.  In order for you to be truly happy in life, you also need to be healthy. To get you on that path, you need to look for balance in your life.

It is about connecting the dots and then taking it from there. Whatever is not working needs to be discarded. Invariably, as you may have already experienced, a lot of that which needs to be pitched out is wholly unhealthy. There is also too much going on in your life right now. You need to re-evaluate things and people. Throw out the things that you really don’t need. Stop doing those things that are not bringing you any joy right now. And, this is serious, you need to start distancing yourself from those who project or impose themselves over you in negative ways.

In order for me to be successful in my own health and wellness motivations towards my readers, I think it would help if I gave you all just a brief explanation on what wellness entails. While I’m sharing with you my thoughts on the concept, I would like to encourage you to extend your own reading and research a little further on this wholesome and highly encouraging subject. I say that it is so because just based on the little that I have read, it is all quite positive. Wellness, to me, means seeking out only the positive in life.

And while you do that, you are getting rid of all the negatives. One ancient eastern philosophy has been subjectively termed finding and then going on to experience the yin and yang of life. It brings to mind that wonderfully structured loading of finding balance in one’s life. Retailers are obliged by law in many instances, but in most cases by moral obligation, to treat their customers fairly. I bring this towards my belief on what it means to experience wellness in my own personal life. It means that I treat myself fairly.

I get rid of those heavy weights that I was not able to carry on my shoulders before. And I treat others fairly too. While I write this note, I am treating you fairly. I do not judge you or even wish to know what brought you to this point in wanting to make positive changes to your life. Finally, let me round off my personal statement on what it means to be well. To be well should obviously mean that you are going to be happy in life. To get to that point you still need to address your health requirements and also enlighten yourself on your spiritual side.

Wellness is a growth path. It is always subject to change, but in a positive manner of speaking. The realm of wellness in this material world alone is so large that we will all spend a lifetime committing ourselves to it and searching for new ways to improve our personal, spiritual and physical lives. If you don’t mind me saying so, that’s quite encouraging. Look forward to your life.