The term used for this post’s heading is still being widely used today. Now, this was never intentional but because of its popular use, it is likely to be noticed and picked up sometime shortly after this post is published. Who knows, perhaps my content editor may feel compelled for good reasons known only to her, to alter the title. That’s fine by me and I really don’t mind. In any case, I am taking this subject quite seriously and (you may have picked this up earlier) I have ambitions to devote myself to the world of blogging on a full-time basis, more or less. First and foremost, I need to clear my head on this titular definition because its meaning is broad-based and stretches well beyond the obvious objective of making money from blogging.

Now, when I think about blogging for profit, I don’t only have monetary objectives in mind. It goes without saying that we all need to derive an income from our hard and good work to get by. And if the work is exceptional, then, yes, writers, in this instance, should be rewarded handsomely for their efforts. And why not earn a good living from doing something that you enjoy, feel passionate about and particularly if it’s heading in the direction of good and worthy causes. Blogging for profit is all about the quality of the words being pressed. The message is important as well.

Because these are two themes and areas of life I seem to be working towards (on a more permanent basis) both personally and commercially, socio-economic conditions and (environmental) sustainable living practices are areas under development in my blogging universe. Recently, I was turned down for a job. But the company concerned, I noted with some encouragement and personal determination, was doing a lot of good work with Non-governmental organizations and corporate environments who are promoting life skills among staff and workers in general.

I thought to myself; why not set aside a few more hours in my day developing a portfolio tailored in the direction of the company that let me down. In doing this, I’d be suggesting ways I could help them. Critically, I noticed areas of their own work that could do with some improving. For obvious reasons, I could tell this to them right away. But if the directors are any good, they will pick up my subtle nuances after reading a few lines from my portfolio. A wonderful and rewarding aspect of most of my copywriting work and creative abilities is this. Retaining all rights to the original conceptions and drafts of my work, I can revise my writing for other projects.

Such is the blogging enterprise that I’m gearing myself up for. Now, all that is a long way down the line. And to be successful in this sort of enterprise, you simply need to have patience. Many bloggers are still having anxiety attacks over the perceived lack of traffic and regular readers they have. Particularly for new bloggers, note that your blogging and self-development is going to take time. While you have patience, you also need to be persistent and consistent with your blogging and writing practices. And while you continue with your work, you need to continue developing new skills.

OK, let me stop myself at this point. I’m not here to give lectures. I suppose I let my thoughts wander. But I did mean well and I also want others to succeed in their own lives. I don’t think I ever mentioned this on my About page or in any of my previous posts. Apart from always writing from my personal point of view, sharing thoughts as they happen, my mission in life is to inspire others in their lives. A lot of the time while I’m writing my posts, I feel inspired to carry on with this project. It helps motivate me to return to my other work which is often challenging. Even on my worst days, I’m always reaching out for new sources of inspiration.

And I have to; it’s my bread and butter. And, yes, it does help. But not always. And when that happens, well, ladies, you just have to carry on. One very positive experience about my blogging worth sharing with you is this. At the time of writing, I am being hard-pressed with current commercial assignments. The one project is easy enough to do by now. It’s the French project, by the way. The other one is utterly frustrating. It seems cheap and unfair on the part of the client. Much of my frustration has to do with the preparation work. Then I still have to research topics I’m mostly unfamiliar with. Instead of providing me with the necessary information for my copy, I have to go out and look for it myself. And all of this costs money which I’m not being paid for.

But by the time I return to my blogging tablet, a new world order begins for me. As you’ve gathered, I let my thoughts get ahead of me sometimes. I mostly write what’s on my mind and never let anything get in its way. By the time I’m finished writing my blog post, it’s always with a little reluctance that I say good-bye to my readers. Perhaps, now you can see why I wouldn’t mind making this a full-time preoccupation. But, as I said before, I still need to think about my bread and butter.

It’s hard going at the moment.

I’m going to nip out to buy another pack of smokes shortly.

But not before I’ve said good-bye properly to you all. Many of you may have settled in for the evening. That’s nice. Hope the day was good to you and that you are now quite comfortable. Give some thought to your inspirations as you prepare for sleep. If you haven’t got that far, sleep on it.