Blogging For Profit Means Word Revenue And Growth

The term used for this post’s heading is still being widely used today. Now, this was never intentional but because of its popular use, it is likely to be noticed and picked up sometime shortly after this post is published. Who knows, perhaps my content editor may feel compelled for good reasons known only to her, to alter the title. That’s fine by me and I really don’t mind. In any case, I am taking this subject quite seriously and (you may have picked this up earlier) I have ambitions to devote myself to the world of blogging on a full-time basis, more or less.

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This is an enterprise I would really like to sink my gleaming white teeth into someday. Unfortunately, at this time of my life, I have little time and resources in which to get this long-held dream project fully off the ground in more ways than one. You may argue, quite rightly, that I am already blogging, so what’s the problem and what’s the big deal. And what exactly are you trying to tell the readers? Let me put it another way, like all rewarding professional occupations, it has its bad days along with the good days. Murphy’s Law, however, always gets its way, so there always seem to be more of the bad.

Writing down thoughts

At the time of writing, I am still busy with the French assignment. The current batch of work that I’m working my way through is nearing completion. But for the purposes of making as much money as possible to meet my budgetary requirements, I’m hoping my client has still more work on this project for me to do. She happened to mention to me that she was busy dealing with over one hundred short copy articles. Not that she needed to, she also apologized for the excessive amount of French translations I would have to mine my way through. I have no complaints about this and, in fact, I have begun to enjoy the required creative process this time around.

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In this present case, it did not take me more than an hour. You see, time was pressing against me once more. I had just finished an overnight assignment bag, mailed it virally and went straight on to prepping the next assignment. Fortunately, this current assignment is taking me all the way to France. For commercial reasons which I’m sure you’ll understand, I am not allowed to mention the town, city or province. All you need to know is that it’s quite beautiful. And if I had my way and the money to do this, and my French was fluent enough, I wouldn’t mind living there for a while.

Beautiful young woman enjoying summer in a field.

For those of you still struggling to get your feet off the ground where blogging is concerned, I hope that this post will prove to be a source of inspiration and one of those tales which are instructive in encouraging you to never lose hope and to never give up. Personal blogging is a journey of life. So, even while I’m writing up this post, I’m feeding myself with inspiration, encouragement and motivation. It’s a necessary lesson in life to ‘never, ever, ever give up’ as the famous saying goes.