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All we wish to do for you at this point in time is motivate you to take full advantage of juicing. But your good doctor, health-oriented nutritionist, and even the great Jack Lalane, will be casting doubts as to whether you really should be going on a thirty day juice fast. While we also recommend that you should consult fully with the experts beforehand, our job for the day is just about done when we merely mention at least two of the great benefits of a 30 day juice fast. After that, it is your duty to exercise full responsibility where your optimal health is concerned. Good luck with that.

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Have some heart and try to have a bit more courage about you. That’s all I want to say to you if you are feeling quite a bit down at this time of the day. Feeling down and downright distressed, something inside of you must have prompted you to this page. The human condition is a mysterious one indeed. Sometimes the one hand does not always know what the other is doing. That sentiment is a bit on the subjective side but I am sure you get the basic point. It is not always easy to discern the subconscious and it can be quite distressing when the human body and mind is going through some nastily challenging difficulties.

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Hello again. I hope you enjoyed my last article on laying the foundations for getting you on to the path of wellness. I expended a few lines on the concept of wellness. I hope that it is starting to make sense to you now. By now, I do hope that I’ve managed to get your juices flowing in regard to starting to make those necessary changes in your life. One thing that does need to be looked at is your daily eating habits.

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Hello. I hope you enjoyed my last article. It served as a brief introduction to set you on the path towards wellness. It did start off rather gloomily but that was deliberate. It ended off on an encouraging note, didn’t it? All I set out to do was to put my arm around your shoulder, and I did that, and tell you that from here on, no matter how bad it was before, life just gets better. I used to shudder to say it to myself sometimes but it really is all about what you make of it on your own sometimes.

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Doesn’t your tummy start to rumble when we start to talk about food? I know, mine does. It cannot be helped and just so you know, thoughtful preoccupations on what to eat next are really quite natural and healthy for you for starters. In order to live and lead a wholesome, healthy and happy life, we all need wholesome and happy food. So, I hope you enjoyed the manner in which I shared my own thoughts on healthy food and drink. It is my little contribution towards giving you more food for thought as you go on your way making new changes to your life which is eventually going to see you experience new sensations of all-round wellbeing.