afrika 2010

As the great bard once wrote, my fingers itch. I’ve been itching to write a post like this for a while. Now, the opportunity seems to have finally presented itself. If you detect a note of anger in my prose, please revise your thoughts. There is no anger on the part of this writer. It may just be a touch of excitement instead. With rare exceptions, I do not get angry in any case. I do feel sad from time to time, though. Now, the issue of racism and its regular manifestations in all aspects of our lives, even in the movies and on our TV screens has not yet brought me to the point of tears, but I feel that I’m coming close to that point.

Girls watching movies

These are the moments that most good writers fear. But fair to say, the great writers of the world just get on with it somehow. I can’t say that I’m one of those (I’m just being modest and you can be the judge of that too) but I’m also persisting. Writing up the introduction to a blog post always seems to help me somehow. And, fortunately, I’ve already developed a structure for the rest of this post. The moment of fear that many writers’ experience is known as writer’s block.

Amazed couple watching tv

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Batman series of Christopher Nolan and the gorgeous Christian Bale over and over again. When the first Batman of the modern era came to our screens I was as excited as most Batman fans out there. I expressed the same amount of enthusiasm for his apparent nemesis, Superman. I’ve watched the old re-runs of the good-natured Christopher Reeve who died tragically but heroically in real life. I’ve watched the beautiful Henry Cavill a few times too. You see, depending on their screen doubles, I’m in love with my action super heroes.