Writing down thoughts

At the time of writing, I am still busy with the French assignment. The current batch of work that I’m working my way through is nearing completion. But for the purposes of making as much money as possible to meet my budgetary requirements, I’m hoping my client has still more work on this project for me to do. She happened to mention to me that she was busy dealing with over one hundred short copy articles. Not that she needed to, she also apologized for the excessive amount of French translations I would have to mine my way through. I have no complaints about this and, in fact, I have begun to enjoy the required creative process this time around.

Best friends taking selfie at aeroclub with ultra light airplane - Alternative way of travel to exclusive destinations - Vintage color tones

Where hobbies are concerned, this would be a dream. Well, it’s already a dream. I dream about it already. And that’s as far as this potentially life-enriching and rewarding hobby goes for now. It’s just a pipe dream. But they are still saying that dreams do come true. I agree. I believe in dreams and to this day I am still dreaming in a small world of daily lived realities. How does that song go again?
Sweet dreams are made of these.

Hot air balloon colourful in the garden cosmos flower

Inasmuch as I enjoy the idea of travelling to dream destinations, whether it’s just a short road trip lasting no more than a few hours or a trip abroad into the heart of another continent, I do little of this. Like most hard-working and professional women, I rarely have the time or budget for this. Fortunately, I do have my savings kitty but, here, we still have some way to go. Also, traditional vacation times are far too short for me to go wherever I want to go. Due to the nature of my business and my clients’ own timelines, I have to take my vacation the same time as they do. Fortunately, there are always travel shows on local and cable networks to fall back on and to compensate.

Travel around the world

Let’s call this a surreptitious tour of the world to places and cities that I’ve been to and would love to tour or spend time living in some day. Fortunately, I think I’ve developed a nice structure for this post today. I don’t want my mind to wander too far, so what I’ve decided to do is divide this mini-travel guide into all the continents of the world, including also major sub-continents and large islands which, strictly speaking, could very well be perceived to be an independent land-mass not having to rely on any of the world’s known and major continents.