Have some heart and try to have a bit more courage about you. That’s all I want to say to you if you are feeling quite a bit down at this time of the day. Feeling down and downright distressed, something inside of you must have prompted you to this page. The human condition is a mysterious one indeed. Sometimes the one hand does not always know what the other is doing. That sentiment is a bit on the subjective side but I am sure you get the basic point. It is not always easy to discern the subconscious and it can be quite distressing when the human body and mind is going through some nastily challenging difficulties.

So after that horrid introduction, let me once more put my arm around you by gently calling on you to start relaxing now. Begin by taking a deep breath. Think positive thoughts. Yes, it is difficult right now, I know, but do try your best. Come on now, just one thought. There you go. That was not at difficult now was it? Something must have happened inside of you to lead you to this page on health and wellness motivationsPerhaps that’s what your body and mind needs right now. By the sound of things it does sound as though it has a yearning internal desire to break out free and explore a new garden path.

It is seeking a new path towards happiness. It is seeking to be well. A new angle towards that journey begins right here. This is a short series of personal notes on health and wellness designed specifically for up-liftment. It is designed to help others empower themselves to make positive changes in their lives, no matter what their circumstances. As a form of giving a pep-talk, sometimes the notes may veer off a little onto the personal side, in which case I may be chatting to you by relating some of my own personal experiences.

I am not sure yet if that will happen. Let’s just see how our motivations here unfold. Directly speaking, I am in the process of encouraging you to get a grip with your gloom and believe that it is now necessary for you to make those changes to lift yourself out of those personal crises, one after the other. Say enough is enough. No more. Time for change. Change is always good. It’s exciting and never scary. That’s what it feels like to be positive. You see, even I’m going through some personal difficulties right now.

But what is keeping me going right now are my thoughts on my up and coming silver linings. I know it’s there, sometimes we don’t even know what it is. Usually what happens is that something good that you only ever dreamed of lands in your lap so unexpectedly. You were not even planning it. The thing about making plans is quite interesting. Many people go through life without any preconceived plan or any notion of where they would like to be within the next five years. They shrug their shoulders and say; it’s not in my hands and there’s nothing I can do.

Only a very small part of that short spurt of negativity is true. The world is a big place and the bad things that go on in it are far too overwhelming for most of us to deal with in any event. But here on planet you, there is much you can do. You can go with a plan to make improvements to your own personal life. That plan, in order to be a successfully carried out one, should be all-encompassing of your life. Two important fundamentals of that plan will be a considerable focus on all the personal health issues in your life that need to be addressed and a philosophic but heartwarming and highly motivating focus on the entire ethos of wellness.