Hello again. I hope you enjoyed my last article on laying the foundations for getting you on to the path of wellness. I expended a few lines on the concept of wellness. I hope that it is starting to make sense to you now. By now, I do hope that I’ve managed to get your juices flowing in regard to starting to make those necessary changes in your life. One thing that does need to be looked at is your daily eating habits.

So, I thought I’d spend a little time talking to you about juicing and healthy eating. Yes, I have added juicing deliberately. I’ll explain why I think it is well worth considering and what it all means in the simplest and briefest possible terms. To my mind, juicing now becomes part and parcel of creating a healthy, balanced eating plan, subject to change, of course, for the rest of your natural life.

Do you remember the heading from the previous article? Its main thrust was about seeking and creating balance in your life on the path towards wellness. That same matter of balance is importantly applied to creating a diet that is not just extremely healthy for you but compliments it wholesomely as well. And while you focus some attention on achieving a splendid variety of color on your dinner plate through no more than five different vegetables that are all nutritious and highly invaluable to your health, you have the awesome opportunity to play around with even more extremely beneficial ingredients for your up and coming juicing recipes.

Balance forms a very important part of my health and wellness motivations towards you. Meals, always healthy, need to be balanced at all times. Your exercise requirements should be balanced too. This is essential to ensure that each and every muscle group in your body gets its turn to enjoy a good workout. I have to be honest with you though. My work/life balance still needs addressing. This is critical for you too. In order to achieve complete wellness, it is essential to find new ways of lessening the work load. It is sad to say that why we still keep pushing ourselves to the limit is still all over money.

It would have to be a subject for another occasion. Nevertheless you may find this interesting about the way in which my current flow of work ebbs out. Sometimes it feels as though it has been a really long day at the office for me, so to speak. But what has really happened is that I have broken down my work day into manageable chunks. I will work a morning shift and when that is done; my midday break will be a lot longer than the average Joe or Jill’s. This does not mean that I am doing nothing. Of course I am setting my mind to other things.

Then to an afternoon shift I must go. This is my longest shift because it seems as though my body clock is at its active best during the afternoons. After another longer than usual break, I am ready for a fairly short evening shift. In my line of work there are always deadlines but I try not to panic about it and take it all in my stride.

Let me close this happy article on a serious note. This is why many people should take seriously the exercise of seeking to be well in their lives. One lady told me just how tired she was. I told her that it was a good thing. She was at least busy. But we feel for those who are truly exhausted after not having done anything of much use in their day.