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This is an enterprise I would really like to sink my gleaming white teeth into someday. Unfortunately, at this time of my life, I have little time and resources in which to get this long-held dream project fully off the ground in more ways than one. You may argue, quite rightly, that I am already blogging, so what’s the problem and what’s the big deal. And what exactly are you trying to tell the readers? Let me put it another way, like all rewarding professional occupations, it has its bad days along with the good days. Murphy’s Law, however, always gets its way, so there always seem to be more of the bad.

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The sweet irony of my busy copywriter’s life is this. Due to my chaotic and sometimes disorganized preoccupation with my work and its related activities, I rarely get to truly involve myself in things I believe in and so happen to enjoy as well. Many of you out there may think of me as being silly, perhaps even not quite there, because you will be arguing that it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to rustle up a good, fresh and healthy garden green salad.

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As the great bard once wrote, my fingers itch. I’ve been itching to write a post like this for a while. Now, the opportunity seems to have finally presented itself. If you detect a note of anger in my prose, please revise your thoughts. There is no anger on the part of this writer. It may just be a touch of excitement instead. With rare exceptions, I do not get angry in any case. I do feel sad from time to time, though. Now, the issue of racism and its regular manifestations in all aspects of our lives, even in the movies and on our TV screens has not yet brought me to the point of tears, but I feel that I’m coming close to that point.

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At the time of writing, I am still busy with the French assignment. The current batch of work that I’m working my way through is nearing completion. But for the purposes of making as much money as possible to meet my budgetary requirements, I’m hoping my client has still more work on this project for me to do. She happened to mention to me that she was busy dealing with over one hundred short copy articles. Not that she needed to, she also apologized for the excessive amount of French translations I would have to mine my way through. I have no complaints about this and, in fact, I have begun to enjoy the required creative process this time around.

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For the time being, the way I feel about this right now, I think this might be a challenging post to write. Out of the hat, if you will, I selected the theme of hobbies for this post.

But lately, in fact for a few months at least, I have not had the time to spend doing the things that I love doing, particularly creative things that don’t require me to sit in front of my laptop. So, I’ve lost quite a bit of my train of thought in lieu of my hobbies.