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Where hobbies are concerned, this would be a dream. Well, it’s already a dream. I dream about it already. And that’s as far as this potentially life-enriching and rewarding hobby goes for now. It’s just a pipe dream. But they are still saying that dreams do come true. I agree. I believe in dreams and to this day I am still dreaming in a small world of daily lived realities. How does that song go again?
Sweet dreams are made of these.

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Let’s play with our words in this post, shall we? Let’s exploit our creative license. The motivation for this creative experiment is inspired by the suggestion of one of my content managers out in LA. She won’t be reading this post later because by the time she’s up and about, she’ll be far too busy. But thanks for the idea, by the way. Anyway, notice that I’ve included you in the title of this post. It’s your turn to shine. All you need to do is post a few short lines in the comment field and tell the rest of us how your day went, or is going so far. Come on now, don’t be shy. Those who have a way with words are more than welcome to submit their own post to the site manager for consideration.

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These are the moments that most good writers fear. But fair to say, the great writers of the world just get on with it somehow. I can’t say that I’m one of those (I’m just being modest and you can be the judge of that too) but I’m also persisting. Writing up the introduction to a blog post always seems to help me somehow. And, fortunately, I’ve already developed a structure for the rest of this post. The moment of fear that many writers’ experience is known as writer’s block.

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Inasmuch as I enjoy the idea of travelling to dream destinations, whether it’s just a short road trip lasting no more than a few hours or a trip abroad into the heart of another continent, I do little of this. Like most hard-working and professional women, I rarely have the time or budget for this. Fortunately, I do have my savings kitty but, here, we still have some way to go. Also, traditional vacation times are far too short for me to go wherever I want to go. Due to the nature of my business and my clients’ own timelines, I have to take my vacation the same time as they do. Fortunately, there are always travel shows on local and cable networks to fall back on and to compensate.

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In this present case, it did not take me more than an hour. You see, time was pressing against me once more. I had just finished an overnight assignment bag, mailed it virally and went straight on to prepping the next assignment. Fortunately, this current assignment is taking me all the way to France. For commercial reasons which I’m sure you’ll understand, I am not allowed to mention the town, city or province. All you need to know is that it’s quite beautiful. And if I had my way and the money to do this, and my French was fluent enough, I wouldn’t mind living there for a while.