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In this present case, it did not take me more than an hour. You see, time was pressing against me once more. I had just finished an overnight assignment bag, mailed it virally and went straight on to prepping the next assignment. Fortunately, this current assignment is taking me all the way to France. For commercial reasons which I’m sure you’ll understand, I am not allowed to mention the town, city or province. All you need to know is that it’s quite beautiful. And if I had my way and the money to do this, and my French was fluent enough, I wouldn’t mind living there for a while.

Driving into the Sunset

Moments ago before I started writing this post, I was sitting downstairs enjoying one of those infamous smoke breaks you may have heard of by now.

Under pressure, I also wanted to clear my head for a bit. But, fortunately, the weather seems to be doing its part in lifting me out of my moments of self-doubt and concerns related to work and uncertain outcomes which are not within me to control right now. Where I am right now, its spring. Foul moods or not, it’s also a beautiful and glorious day.


This may turn out to be a bit of a controversial post to write. I do not know yet how my musings will guide me this time around. It stems from some disagreement I have from Dale Carnegie’s famous and enduring book How to Win Friends and Influence People. It will be more of a subjective post, I’m afraid. You can write in the Comments field provided, whether objectively or subjectively, what you think of this post. Please always bear in mind, as per the nature of this entire blog, personal thoughts and musings are being shared spontaneously as and when they occur.

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For those of you still struggling to get your feet off the ground where blogging is concerned, I hope that this post will prove to be a source of inspiration and one of those tales which are instructive in encouraging you to never lose hope and to never give up. Personal blogging is a journey of life. So, even while I’m writing up this post, I’m feeding myself with inspiration, encouragement and motivation. It’s a necessary lesson in life to ‘never, ever, ever give up’ as the famous saying goes.

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For a health-conscious girl like me, I have one terrible and filthy habit that I’ve not managed to kick yet. I feel awfully ashamed about it and today I think I’m making a bit of personal blogging history. Because while I may have expressed myself openly and in conversation with others about this dangerous and unhealthy habit, I’ve never actually sat down and penned my thoughts on smoking. The dangers are well-known, most of you, I take it, don’t smoke. If you do, make another effort to give up one of the worst habits known to humankind. In my attempt to be as original as possible with my posts, I’ll be sharing my personal thoughts on smoking and, perhaps, why I haven’t managed to kick the habit yet.