Doesn’t your tummy start to rumble when we start to talk about food? I know, mine does. It cannot be helped and just so you know, thoughtful preoccupations on what to eat next are really quite natural and healthy for you for starters. In order to live and lead a wholesome, healthy and happy life, we all need wholesome and happy food. So, I hope you enjoyed the manner in which I shared my own thoughts on healthy food and drink. It is my little contribution towards giving you more food for thought as you go on your way making new changes to your life which is eventually going to see you experience new sensations of all-round wellbeing.

To get your mouth watering a little bit more on what you can look forward to where wellness is concerned, let me share some more of my own thoughts on it while also dishing up some of my life’s experiences so far. I have left the past behind, so I will be starting off on how I first felt around the time I began to embrace the prospects of being well. I cannot say that I had an easy life. Today, my life is no less challenging than it was before, only now it’s just that I’m managing it far better than I used to.

I’ve begun to spend more time with myself. Every little bit of peace I have in my daily life and in my mind, I cherish as if it were my last moment of bliss. Tonight is just such an occasion, which is why I am enjoying composing this article more, so much more than the others that went before. What got me into such a good mood was companionship. I deliberately surrounded myself with good people. We did not talk about anything serious, just trivial little bits and pieces, such as what we’ve been watching on the telly lately and what good books we have been reading lately.

We talk about the weather too, of course. It is always a typically nice icebreaker when one is initially so short of words. What made our conversation pieces all the more delightful was the good food presented to us. For once, I had the evening off and it was not me that was doing the cooking. After a short word of thanks, we all tucked into our meal of very mild curried mince, served with yellow rice, green squash, cauliflower and the tiniest of salads, dressed with a very light coating of balsamic vinegar.

Our dessert was one of the healthiest servings of fruit you could ever imagine. It was a generous serving of diced watermelon, pips and all and without any yogurt or ice-cream. It really was quite delicious to feast on a fruit rich in antioxidants and with such a huge content of water. So unusual that. A short garden trip allowed this wholesome meal to settle, and so it was off to home I went. And so here I am. There were very few feelings of nervousness about this day that has just gone past, and now the same sense of calmness is addressing what will likely be another busy day tomorrow.

Busy the day may be tomorrow, but at least it is all nicely balanced out. Although I must admit that I am doing everything in my power to make it so. While I am writing this article for you, I am putting in just a little more effort to complete an overdue assignment so that it does not need to be tackled first thing tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning, after a hearty breakfast of oats and strawberries and my favorite orange and apple juice, I will go for a short walk. After that a soothing shower refreshes me for my first shift at my desk.

By the time that shift is completed, it is time for some chores around the house then it is off to town for some grocery shopping. The list has been made up, so there is no risk of me overspending. I must just say though that it is such a pity that all good food that is good for us is so expensive these days. We spoke about this earlier during the evening meal. We are still debating what can be done about this. But, each in his and her own small way has already made a start towards making a difference. It does feel as though the path towards an entirely organic lifestyle is so very much intermingled with the growth path towards complete wellness.

Wellness encompasses everything on this earth that is good for us. It is in the daily food that we eat and it is in the way we keep ourselves occupied each day. If it feels as though I have been frightfully busy, I do not complain about the load but feel a sense of gratitude. Wellness is also a spiritual matter which I hope I will have the opportunity of addressing with you in the near future. Until then, be well.