All we wish to do for you at this point in time is motivate you to take full advantage of juicing. But your good doctor, health-oriented nutritionist, and even the great Jack Lalane, will be casting doubts as to whether you really should be going on a thirty day juice fast. While we also recommend that you should consult fully with the experts beforehand, our job for the day is just about done when we merely mention at least two of the great benefits of a 30 day juice fast. After that, it is your duty to exercise full responsibility where your optimal health is concerned. Good luck with that.

The Juicing Basics

In order to appreciate the great benefits of fasting on juice, should you decide to do this, and have been cleared by your doctor to attempt a fast, you do need to understand what you are in for. During a thirty day juice fast, you are limiting your body to just fruit, vegetables and water. In the healthiest sense, these ingredients will be wholly organic and will always be processed through a blender or juicer. The general practice is to always mix fruits and vegetables together to make up an effective drink that will contain most essential minerals and vitamins. A typical fruit and vegetable juice blend will (and should) include apples, lemons, and oranges with celery, kale, beetroot and spinach.

The most popular juicing benefit

The issue that concerns most people who venture into the misunderstand world of fasting on juice is that of losing weight. Those with weight loss concerns or aims will be pleased to know that juice fasting will, indeed, cause them to lose weight. Calorie intake is being limited. But when weight is lost in this fashion, water and muscle, and not the excess fat, will be lost. Expert opinion is to limit weight loss to one to two pounds per week in order to lose fat and subsequently keep it off.

Getting into the cleansing spirit

Another significant benefit in regard to going on a juice fast, but also still clearly misunderstood and under-appreciated, is the matter of body detoxification (popularly known as body detox). Essentially, when you restrict your body just to juice, you are cleansing it of harmful toxins. But because your body’s kidneys and livers are already doing its own detoxifying, experts say that it really isn’t necessary to embark on a juice fast of this magnitude. They also say that a healthy, balanced diet, high in essential fiber and low in fat, is a better way to improve health and ensure that the human body maintains it both physically and emotionally.

Always read the warning labels

You are in for the hiding of your life if you attempt a thirty day juice fast without heeding the warning signs or fully consulting with your medical practitioner beforehand.  Apart from the obvious deficiencies – not killing off the excess fat, but losing important nutrients and muscle instead – and depending on your state of health, you could well experience negative symptoms when embarking on a thirty day fast. These symptoms could start manifesting itself within the first week of fasting. Such symptoms include spells of dizziness, stomach cramps, decreased energy levels and even fainting. Simply put, you have been warned.

But drinking fresh juice every day, for thirty days non-stop still has its benefits. That is to say only if you are already on a healthy eating plan which contains your essential solids, including protein.

Finally, the greatest benefit that can be derived from going on a juice fast, not necessarily a thirty day fast, but more sensibly, say, a three day fast, is that you will indeed cleanse your body of its toxins. You will also, without a doubt, be losing weight. But the conundrum remains; those who really need to lose weight, those that are acutely overweight and carrying excess levels of fat (and other harmful toxins) are clearly in a state of poor health. So the question needs to always be asked; is it safe or sensible for them to be going on a thirty day (or more) juicing fast.

The answer is, of course; no, it is not a healthy idea to go on a thirty day juice fast if you are already heavily overweight and obese. Also, effective weight loss remedies don’t just include a healthy, balanced diet, but exercise as well. So, just imagine trying to fast on juice for thirty days while exercising. Surely, your poor heart won’t hold up well to that. But the fact remains, there have been those unique individuals who have attempted a thirty day juice fast and won the battle of the bulge. For now though, our debate on this contentious health issue rages on.